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Public Psychology and Mental Health Considerations During Lockdown

Abha1, Shivani2, Mehak3 & K.L. Dahiya4

1Student, BAMS, Motherhood Ayurveda Medical College, Rorkee

2Student, BAMS, Lal Bahadur Shastri Ayurvedic College, Bilaspur (Yamuna Nagar) Haryana

3Bachelor of Dental Surgery, Yamuna Nagar, Haryana

4Veterinary Surgeon, GVH Hamidpur (Kurukshetra) Haryana

Abstract: Since the advent of life on the earth, each and live including human beings have been getting life threatening. There are reminiscence of 14th century plague and 20th century Spanish flu which devastated the world. Apart from these, SARS, Ebola and several other epidemics have shaken the world. Now, newer pandemic by Covid-19 virus, a member of coronaviridae family, is spreading globally. It evident from previous pandemics that dissemination as well acceptance of knowledge can combat any type of disaster. By adopting governmental and health measures, affectionate social consideration, social distancing, wearing face mask and important suggestive measures will combat the Covid-19.


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