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Supporting System of Udder and Its Dropping in Cows and Buffaloes

K.L. Dahiya

Veterinary Surgeon, GVH, Hamidpur(Kurukshetra) Haryana Department of Animal Husbandry & Dairying, Haryana

The mammary gland commonly known as “udder” is a special and unique gland in mammalians. Secrets nutritious food i.e. milk for her newborn. The mammary gland in cow and buffalo is composed of four distinct and separate glands, and each gland contains an independent milk secretary system, collectively known as the parenchyma. The right and left parts of the udder are separated by a median suspensory ligament, and likewise the two front and back parts are also separated.
Rupture or breakdown in any of the ligaments and prepubic tendon leads to leading to drop in udder, an uncommon condition mainly encountered in pleuriperous milch animals and sometimes enlargement of the ventral abdominal area.


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